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What People Are Saying:

This course helped me learn more about how to hire A+ reps in 2 hours than I learned in the last 10 years. Don’t think. Just buy it, and start using the hiring techniques!

Ellen Rataj, Hubspot

I cannot recommend this video course enough. If you manage AEs/AMs/sellers of any kind, this is pure gold. The price is a no-brainer compared to you get.

Derek Kelliher, Drift

Just wow. I feel like I was flying blind when it came to hiring before this course. Every hiring decision felt like a coin flip. Now with Chris’ hiring techniques, hiring decisions feel so much more clear. I had no idea there were so many useful techniques that can help you hire GREAT salespeople. I feel like I have an entire toolbox.

Matt Weisman, Harness

I bet no one taught you how to hire great sellers. Me either. This course took me from 0 to 100 mph when it comes to hiring great reps FAST. It’s not too short, not too long. At two hours, it was perfect. I’ve never learned more helpful techniques to hire great reps. Thank you!

Thomas Ploch, Meridian Group

Sales leaders: whether you're part of a Series A org preparing to TTTDD, or a publicly-traded company seeking incremental revenue, one thing is for certain: the biggest driver of sales (and sales leader) success is hiring great sales people. Chris Orlob's Hiring Masterclass gives you the theory, framework, and tools to radically and immediately improve your hiring process, ensuring you're hiring the right people consistently.

Jack Rosenkrantz, EZRA

"As a relatively new SaaS founder (and former SaaS sales leader), I'm finding that more than anything I need to be laser focused on making sure the sales talent we bring in matches the company stage and growing market opportunity. I found the hiring course to be exactly what I needed to start building this out the right way from the start. Thank you!"

Josh Ellars, Patri

“It’s true: there is no skill that correlates with your success more as a sales leader than GREAT hiring skills. But like almost every sales leader, I was never TAUGHT how to hire great sellers. I cannot believe how far this course took my ability to hire reps that sell. It’s like I went from rookie to pro bowl in one weekend of watching this course. Just amazing.”

Eric Johnson, Gong

Absolutely brilliant course - clear, detailed, and instantly actionable. Thank you, Chris. This has made a huge difference enabling us to hire world-class sellers.

Paul Stovall

"This course was GOLD. I only wish I had taken it sooner. Best investment I’ve made in myself and my leadership team in a while."

Matt Olsen, Limble

There is no single skill that correlates with your success more than sales hiring. This course gave me the frameworks I needed as a hiring manager

Drew Wills, Gong