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New Video Course: How Great Sales Managers Crush Their First 90 Days

Our students have:

  • Won company leadership awards
  • Earned promotions
  • Received big raises

Here's what you'll learn:

  • 6 career-limiting mistakes most sales managers make in their first 90 days.

  • How to earn credibility from your reps, peers, and boss

  • 6 critical actions to take in your first 30 days on the job.

  • A four-part “process” for nailing days 31 thru 60.
  • Bad news: You’re going to have to fire someone. How and why.

  • How to get “quick wins” under your belt before you hit day 90.

  • How to set yourself up for your success beyond your first 90 days.






What People Are Saying:

Of all the resources I reviewed before starting as a sales leader at my new company, this was far and beyond the absolute BEST. I couldn't imagine starting at a new company in a sales leadership position in today's world without having this perspective on the first 90 days.

Ellen Rataj, Hubspot

I can't recommend Sink or Swim enough. Chris has taken years of failing, experimenting, and succeeding as a sales leader and distilled his knowledge into an accessible and immediately applicable framework for crushing your first 90 days as a Sales Leader.

Jack Rosenkrantz, EZRA

I wish this course existed before I became a sales leader. It would have saved me from so many mistakes. I’ll have a much better start next time around thanks to this course! I’ll walk into any new role with confidence knowing I can crush the first 90 days. Easiest ROI ever.

Ken Edwards, Uberflip

"This course was GOLD. I only wish I had taken it sooner. Best investment I’ve made in myself and my leadership team in a while."

Matt Olsen, Limble

I cannot recommend this video course enough. If you manage AEs/AMs/sellers of any kind, this is pure gold. The $197 is a no-brainer.

Derek Kelliher, Drift