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"How Great Sales Managers
Crush Their First 90 Days."

Learn the exact 30-60-90 day "system" I used to rise through the ranks and get promoted FAST when starting new sales leadership roles.

Crush Your First 90d


Here's what people are saying

Todd Warren, UserZoom

“I took this course right as I was planning my first 90 days in a new leadership role. There’s a powerful simplicity in Chris’ prescribed approach - it’s quick to apply, it’s sequential, and it’s clearly the result of tough real-world lessons. I’m glad to have found this when I did, but I wish I would’ve had it two companies ago!”

Elen Rataj, Hubspot

Of all the resources I reviewed before starting as a sales leader at my new company, this was far and beyond the absolute BEST. I couldn't imagine starting at a new company in a sales leadership position in today's world without having this perspective on the first 90 days.

Jack Rosenkrantz, EZRA

I can't recommend Sink or Swim enough. Chris has taken years of failing, experimenting, and succeeding as a sales leader and distilled his knowledge into an accessible and immediately applicable framework for crushing your first 90 days as a Sales Leader.

Ken Edwards, Uberflip

I wish this course existed before I became a sales leader. It would have saved me from so many mistakes. I’ll have a much better start next time around thanks to this course! I’ll walk into any new role with confidence knowing I can crush the first 90 days. Easiest ROI ever.

Eddie Overton, Panorama

"I'm a BIG fan of this course. Chris does a great job of providing examples of how we can make our lives easier and manageable as managers. This course is a game changer for anyone who is a manager or has aspirations to become a manager—excited for more content!"

Derek Kelliher, Drift

I cannot recommend this video course enough. If you manage AEs/AMs/sellers of any kind, this is pure gold. The $197 is a no-brainer.


Turbocharge your career.
Here's what's inside.

Crush Your First 90d


Six (deadly) mistakes to avoid in your first 90d

● Six career-killing mistakes, and how to avoid each one
● Why (almost) all new sales managers make at least HALF of these mistakes

Crush Your First 90d


Exactly what to do in your first 30 days

● Six things to do to crush your first 30 days

Crush Your First 90d


Exactly what to do in days 31-60

● A four-step “waterfall” process for your second month

Crush Your First 90d


Exactly what to do in days 61-90

● Why getting “quick wins” before day 90 is critical (and how to do it)
● Cover your ears: Why you need to make your first fire by day 90
● Putting everything together

Crush Your First 90d

The Full Curriculum


Part 1: Introduction

  •  Welcome and my journey
  •  Your role as a manager

Part 2: Six (deadly) mistakes to avoid in your first 90 days

  •  The risks of “missing” in your first 90 days
  •  The rewards of crushing it in your first 90 days
  •  The six deadly mistakes to avoid

Part 3: Days 0 thru 30

  •  Battlecry: Learn
  •  Six things to do in your first 30 days

Part 4: Days 31 thru 60

  •  Battlecry: Define
  •  The 4-step “waterfall” for days 31-60

Part 5: Days 61 thru 90

  •  Battlecry: Act
  •  Get your quick wins
  •  Make your talent changes
  •  Execute your plan.
  •  A final warning

Part 6: Beyond your first 90 days

  •  Frontline Foundations
  •  What to do next

Crush Your First 90d

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Crush Your First 90d